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F) In40
A) Rm30
S) Ex20
E) In40
R) Fe2
I) Rm30
P) Fe2

Health: 130 Karma: N/A
Resources: Sh-0 Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Shape-Shifting: Twelve's body has been genetically altered to take nearly any shape with In ability. It has demonstrated the following power stunts:
-Elongation: Rm ability, Twelve can use his elongation in a variety of ways:
--Grapple foes up to 20 yards away with Rm ability and damage
--Escape from holds/bonds with Rm ability
-Plasticity: Twelve can shape its body with Ex ability as well as displaying the following variations:
--Ex protection vs. Physical (including wrestling)
--Weapon Creation: Shape its limbs into melee weapons that can inflict Rm Blunt or Edge
--Extra Limbs: Twelve can create multiple tentacles in place of his arms allowing him to make up to four attacks per round at Ty damage. Twelve can also create multiple legs and take the stance of a quadruped allowing Twelve to run at Ty ground speed.
--Gliding: By forming wings, Twelve can glide at Pr airspeed. While gliding, Twelve can make a diving attack resolved as an In charge.
-X.C.O.P.Y.: If Twelve has been engaged against an opponent for 10 rounds of combat or more, it can take the shape of his adversary mimicing their fighting style and abilities with In ability. Internal repair mechanisms will allow Twelve to mimic his foe's powerset with energy or force based facsimilies. Twelve retains its macabre milky-white coloring.
Invisibility: Twelve possesses an internal mechanism that bends light around his form with Ex ability for 1-10 rounds.
Regeneration/Recovery: In, Twelve can regain 4 points of health per round


Talents: Aerial Combat, Martial Arts C, D

Contacts: Urien, Illuminati