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M. Bison

M. Bison

F) Mn75
A) Rm30
S) Ex20
E) In40
R) In40
I) In40
P) Am50

Health: 165 Karma: 130
Resources: Am Pop: -30

Known Powers:
Psycho Power: Am, Bison derives superhuman abilities from a source he has dubbed "Psycho Power," which seems to be based on unlocking latent telepathic and telekinetic abilities and applying it as martial technicques. He has performed the following power stunts:
-Danger Sense: Able to anticipate his opponent's movements. On a successful power FEAT, he can begin moving the moment before his opponent does, giving them an effective -1cs on all Fighting FEATs.
-Reflection: Am ability to reflect energy based attacks (including chi)
-Telekinesis: In
-Charging Slide: Using his telekinesis, Bison can slide forward almost like a battering ram towards opponents in adjacent areas. Bison uses his telekinesis rank to hit, and damage is resolved under the charging table.
-Use Telekinesis to propel him forward or in the air, allowing him to initiate kicks at improbable an gles. He uses his telekinesis rank to hit and does strength +1cs damage.
-Charge his hands with psychoactive force after 1 round of concentration. Upon a successful power feat, his hands will be charged, allowing Bison one attack inflicting power rank damage, resolved on the force column.
-Psycho Shot: In Force using agility to hit.
-Force Field: Rm, Bison cannot attack while the field is up
-Psycho Crusher: After charging his abilities for 2 rounds, Bison can unleash the ultimate expression of his powers in brutal form. Bison lets his Psycho Energies course throughout his entire body as he flies directly towards his opponent. His energies are so immense they flare out, not necessitating direct contact for bison to do harm. He does Mn psychic damage using his Endurance to hit (very similar to a charging attack).
-Mind Control: Ex, limited to basic comands and suggestions, such as sleep. However, Bison does have access to technology that allows him to perform this power stunt at his full power levels.
Teleportation: Ex ability and range.

Shoulder/Shin Pads: Bison uses metal shin guards and Shoulder Pads that give him a +1cs damage to kicks and tackles
Psycho Power Amplifiers: Bison is in possession of machines that allow him increased effectiveness with attempts at long term mind control. These machines should be considered to amplify his mind control abilities +3cs

Talents: All Martial Arts, Military, Politics, Crime, Biology, Genetics

Contacts: Shadowloo