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Hugo Andore

F) Ex20
A) Ex20
S) Rm30
E) In40
R) Pr4
I) Ty6
P) Ty6

Health: 110 Karma: 16
Resources: Ty Pop: -10/-20 in Metro City

Known Powers:
Wrestling: While not a power per se, Hugo is an exceptionally gifted wrestler capable of techniques best described as psuedo powers:
-Giant Palm Breaker: By clapping his hands together, Hugo can cause a wave of force with a limited range of his immediate area. When using this technique, Hugo can cause Ex Force to a single opponent
-Monster Lariat: a running clothesline that can strike opponents in an adjacent area. Hugo performs Rm damage as well as gains charge benefits, capable of striking an opponent up to one area distance.
-Moonsault Press: After a successful grapple for one round, Hugo flips in the air and then crushes his opponent underneath his massive weight. On a successful Strength FEAT, Hugo resolves damage as a charging attack with one area of momentum, as well as potential damage from the material strength of the ground that Hugo's opponent is crushed against.
-Shootdown Backbreaker: Hugo uses this attack against leaping or airborne opponents, and is +1cs to hit them in this scenario. Hugo leaps toward his foe and on a successful grapple, Hugo brings them down across his shoulders executing a backbreaker when he lands. This attack does Rm damage.
-Meat Squisher: After one round of concentration, Hugo grasps his opponent with both hands. If he catches the opponent, he runs with them in his hands and then throws them at the nearest wall, then leaps and hits them in the air with his stomach as the richochet off of the wall. This is a two part attack, using his strength to perform the throw (his opponent is considered to be charging against the material strength of the wall), and then Hugo uses his Endurance to execute the charge.
-Gigas Backbreaker: Hugo's trademark move. After successfully grappling an opponent for two rounds, Hugo performs a small Shootdown Backbreaker, then a larger one and finishes it off with a big Moonsault Press. Hugo will perform Am damage.
-Chain Wrestling: Hugo is able to execute two consecutive wrestling holds on an opponent on a Yellow Strength FEAT.
Dense Flesh: Gd protection vs. Physical


Height: Hugo is 7'10" tall. Due to his immense size, opponents are at a +1cs to hit him.

Talents: Martial Arts B, C, Wrestling, Crime, Bi-Lingual: (German, English)

Contacts: Poison, Andore Family, Mad Gear Gang, Huge Wrestling Army