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F) In40
A) Ex20
S) Ty6
E) Rm30
R) Gd10
I) Am50
P) In40

Health: 96 Karma: 100
Resources: Fe Pop: 0/20 in India

Known Powers:
Elongation: Gd, Dhalsim has mastered secret yoga techniques allowing him to stretch his limbs over an incredible length. He is able to strike non-adjacent foes from multiple angles.
-Dhalsim's flexibility allows him to slip from grapple attempts with Ex ability
Chi Manipulation: Am, Dhalsim is a master of tapping into one's internal chi. Dhalsim has displayed multiple uses of this ability:
-Healing of himself or others at Am ability.
-Self Sustenance: The ability to go without food for long periods of time. While fasting, he may use his power rank in place of Endurance on a Yellow Psyche FEAT.
-Teleportation: Am ability, Pr range
-Levitation: Rm ability, Dhalsim has developed a technique that allows him to make diving attacks to foes up to one area away as an Ex charging attack.
-Chi Detection: Am ability
-Detect Invisible: Am ability
-Astral Detection: Rm ability
-Psi Screen: Am
Magic: Rm, Dhalsim has been gifted mystical abilities by the Hindu God, Agni. His abilities manifest in the form of mystical flames that emanate from his mouth and nostrils.
-Yoga Flame: A burst of flame directed at an adjacent opponent, or as a ball of flame spit at an opponent up to 3 areas distant (Agility FEAT to hit) doing Rm magical flame damage.
-Yoga Inferno: Dhalsim may channel his Chi into his mystical fire. By concentrating for two rounds, Dhalsim can increase the damage of his effects by +2cs
-Magic Detection: Rm
-Detect 'Evil' with Rm ability
-Astral Projection: Rm


Talents: Martial Arts A, C, D, E, Trance, Mesmerism/Hypnosis, Resist Domination, Mystic Origin, Occult Lore, Multi-Lingual: (Hindi, Thai, Japanese, English), First Aid

Contacts: Sagat, Ryu, Village of Kerala